The life of a teenage blogger

Summer has gone

I guess all good things must end. I wish the summer was not over yet but alas, it is. Tomorrow i start my year as an eighth grader. I’ll see all my friends and catch up on summer stories. And then I will sit through the school year wishing it was the weekend or spring/summer/Christmas break. Then, after all of that it will be summer again. But for now, goodbye summer. Hello school -.-  



There’s a fire pretty close to my house. People only a few streets down can see the flames from there yard. All I can see is smoke but there’s a lot. My brother’s school had to cancel it’s camp so that the people who had to be evacuated because of the fire could go there. 


Everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Spent all day watching Hannah Montana on Youtube. Ah the good ole days.


Almost over

Summer is almost over. School starts in just 16 days. In 16 days I’ll be an eighth grader. That means I must make the most out of my last two weeks. Starting today by laying around in my pj’s and doing nothing. 🙂


This summer has been amazing. I’ve gone on some great vacations. I’ve seen friends and family that I haven’t seen in a long time and I’ve seen friends I see all the time. I’ve been to the beach, Vegas, and Colorado. And though I’m not too excited to go back to school, I am excited to see my friends again. I hope some of you stay a while to read some upcoming blogs. TTYL! 😀 

I’m back

I’ve been gone for quite a while but I have returned!! I’ll probably start posting more often so stay tuned!

Fun party!

So yesterday’s Fourth of July block party was AWESOME! Ciara came over early and we helped my mom get ready. My mom and I painted each others toes. Then me and Ciara played while we waited for the party to start. Then we did our fourth of July make up. We went outside and played volley ball. Well we attempted to at least. Then we tried to play bad mitten. After that we played ladder ball. We got hot so we went in my jacuzzi. Then we watched Charlie and the chocolate factory while we ate lunch. Then after we ate we found my brother and his friend who, after eating, took us across the street to our neighbor’s pool. We swam and had a war for about two hours. It was fun. Then Ciara and I finished our movie and went outside we danced for a little bit. Then we got glow sticks. We found water balloons and we threw them at each other. We also had a water balloon toss. We watched the fireworks. We were about to play hide and seek when Brandon had to leave and my parents went to bed. Cia5ra stayed the night we fell asleep right away. Ciara left early this morning and I finished my chores. Ya that’s pretty much it. Bye!